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Web design

Client: Cobralas

Services: Web design + Corporative presentations

Detail: Cobralas is a disruptive, totally innovative platform where companies and institutions can see all their collections grouped together. A relaxed and friendly communication was developed accompanied by an aesthetic design. In addition, calls to action were inserted into the website, inviting potential customers to learn more about the service and the plans they offer. On the other hand, different corporate presentations were made with specific designs and content for each item, not only detailing the benefits, the expertise of its members and the distinctive characteristics of the product, but also that the recipient of the message feels identified with the particularities of the product.

Corporative presentations

Web design

Client: Alelí Esencias

Services: Web design + Flyers + Photoshoot

Detail: Alelí Esencias markets all kinds of fragrances for both end consumers and companies. The aim was to quickly demonstrate the different occasions of use for their products and an aesthetic and color palette where they can transmit the freshness of their brand. Accompanying its website, an aligned brochure design was made, so that it can be present along with the delivery of the product.


Flyers Aleli Esencias

Fotography of products

Web design

Client: Dunas Delfin

Services: Web design + Google ads campaign

Detail: Dunas Delfín is a complex of cabins located in the spa town of Monte Hermoso, Province of Buenos Aires. A website was developed where users can observe the complex, its facilities, and highlight the strong service orientation for its guests, as well as the tranquility of the area and the proximity to the beach. The website was created so that once completed, the corresponding Google Ads campaign could be launched, so the easy and quick navigation of the site and the framework where the client is willing to make calls and consultations via mail.

Google ads campaign

Web design

Client: Infosol Computación

Services: Web design + Social networks + Corporate identity.

Detail: Infosol has been a computer house located in the heart of the Almagro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, for 15 years. We started brand communication from scratch, entering it fully into the digital world, through social networks, updating the file and images in Google, and then renewing its entire image both online and offline. A 360 strategy was developed within its identity, including a new logo, vinyl material at the point of sale, corporate letters, corporate presentation, relaunch of the e-commerce website and a 2019 with a great presence on networks, communicating its 15 years in the market.

Social Media

Corporate presentation and marquee design

Web design

Client: Espacio Náutico

Services: Web design + Photoshoot

Detail: This event room, located within the Liceo Naval club, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, opened its doors in 2019 and to accompany this opening, a website was developed where it was decided to emphasize the beautiful images of the room, the environment nautical and green characteristic of the club. For this, it was necessary to carry out different days of photographic sessions to be able to show the different types of events that this unbeatable space offers.


Web design

Client: Óptica Lennon

Services: Web design + Animated video

Detail: This optician, from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, offers a great diversity of services, so we decided to go deep into understanding the particularities of this area and then be able to communicate them in the best way. It was decided to carry out an institutional website including an e-commerce, giving rise to being able to show its clients and potentials the wide offer of this lens. In addition, a small video was developed, so that users can observe it as soon as they enter the site, appealing to the identification and recall of the brand.

Web design

Client: Le Gout Catering

Services: Web design + Photoshoot

Detail: Le Gout is a restaurant that provides catering services for events. Located in the Liceo Naval club, facing the river and the nautical space, it was proposed to design its website, highlighting the beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant and the images of the great surroundings that surround it. Photographic sessions were held at different times, to take advantage of different situations.


Web design

Client: Craf Niceto

Services: Web design + Flyers

Detail: Craf Niceto is a gym that also offers kinesiological rehabilitation. It was decided to develop an institutional website in which all the activities carried out in the location could be transmitted, but also highlighting their strong point, which is their expertise in the field of kinesiology.

Social Media + Design

Client: GAN Functional Training

Services: Social Media + Design

Detail: GAN Functional Training is a gym specialized in functional training. Located on the border between Palermo and Almagro, this spectacular gym decided to renew its entire image, for which it was decided to give greater visibility to the facade with a sign that can be seen from all sides, vinyl design inside, more precisely in walls and training materials. In addition, a social media strategy was implemented accompanying this aesthetic and increasing brand awareness and interaction with users.

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